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offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Michael Petersen


“For Michael, there’s no substitute for passion. His fierce commitment to seeing clients succeed drives his team to pivot for maximum return through cost-efficient and results-oriented campaigns.

Known in the industry for his honesty, integrity and broad knowledge, MP’s pursuit of superior customer care positions Pivotus as the new standard in digitally-led media agencies.”

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Shelleni Laceda


Shell is a highly service-oriented professional that works with full responsibility and dedication. Shell is an Executive Assistant and HR Administrator working alongside the executive team of Pivotus. Shell specializes in support and organisation, responsible to provide support to the CEO and his projects including HR administration. In the past, Shell had eight years of experience as an Executive Assistant to the top executives of a global company and to its HR and Admin departments. Her six years experience in teaching and twenty years experience in events planning and coordination, have developed her working skills to be more diligent and confident in any workload entrusted to her.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Dane Jordan


Dane has years of experience working with global agencies, independents, ad-tech vendors and directly with brands across South East Asia.

This background ensures that Dane has one of the broadest and most highly valued skill sets in the industry, covering Data & Business Intelligence, Product Development, Marketing, Ad-Tech, Operations, Events, PR and Sales. All of which provides Pivotus with the ability to consistently provide innovative solutions and strategic thinking for your brand whilst ensuring values-driven service and passion for excellence.

Farooque Nesargi


I have 9 years of work experience in Paid media marketing. Most of the businesses selling their products/services online, competition in the paid media marketing is fierce as everyone wants to achieve the consumer’s attention across industries. My forte in Google Ads and other social media platforms is not just about optimizing the CPC via strategic bidding, but also delivering real value to the business by targeting relevant keywords and audience targeting, writing compelling ad copy to ensure a good CTR, optimizing landing pages to facilitate conversions and implementing Analytics for proper tracking of success. In this journey of 9 years, I got the opportunity to work on a multitude of client objectives for diversified industries, for instance, Real estate, Healthcare, Hotel & Resorts, Education, etc, for different geographies the USA, UK, APAC, Middle East.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Adrienne Le Mura


Adrienne brings with her a deep understanding of the media industry, having spent the past 19 years in media, content solutions and senior marketing roles.

She strongly believes that understanding the why before delivering the how is an important part of her role—and that asking the right questions transforms the Pivotus team from order-takers to success-makers.

A master juggler, Adrienne leads a highly skilled team who are dedicated to delivering high quality customer service and real results.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Ruther Chan


Ruther joined Pivotus after spending 4.5 years with the Dentsu Aegis Network where he was Senior Investment Manager for DentsuX.  Ruther has also worked with Xaxis and Mediacom in Singapore.

He has 12 years’ experience in media planning and buying and digital investment, with his ASEAN market experience suiting his client portfolio including commercial property services in South East Asia and the domestic and international search for university students.

His experience covers both offline and online channels, with his career evolving in line with the industry’s move into digital maturity.  Ruther now focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals through digital transformation.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Manon Gattolin


Manon has over 8 years digital media industry experience that she brings to her clients and agencies to ensure a smooth digital campaign experience. 

Manon enjoys working in collaboration with our clients to deliver results and also educate them during their journey with us without the technical platform jargons. Whether it’s a Performance campaign or Brand Awareness campaign, Search, Social or Programmatic, Manon will get your campaign up and running with the best industry practice and make the process smooth and your life easier. 

Manon has a Master Degree in Marketing from Lyon, France, and she has worked with Foxtel Media, Channel 10, Near Mobile Location, Programmatic, Search and Social in the Australian and NZ market. 

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Lau Estillore


My work with Pivotus has provided me with a lot of good things.  Surely, we can’t get everything we want but If you have the vision and motivation you can get the things that really matter to you.  Work and life balance is important and it’s one of the things I am very happy here.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Chel David


Chel is an experienced, result driven and versatile PPC campaign specialist. She has been in the digital advertising and marketing industry for 6 yrs now.

She started her career in a mobile app advertising agency.  Her passion in the industry led her to learn Google and Facebook Ads and now almost all PPC platforms including Bing, Linkedin, Gemini, and Taboola.

With her all-around PPC knowledge, she helps out Pivotus in strategizing, creating, and optimizing campaigns that deliver superior results to the clients

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Lam Le


Armed with years of experience in media and business, Lam has been adding his value and expertise to clients with superior service. As a result-oriented person, he takes pride in providing the best solutions to his clients and loves helping people and the team to grow.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Essen Tsou


Experienced Digital Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Hospitality Industry, Web Design, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, and Digital Marketing. Essen has implemented and executed various marketing strategies with proven results and achievements. Strong management skills and excellent presentation and negotiation skills, and also proven knowledge in project management and ability to work as team player and lead by example.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Reena Nikam


Reena loves to keep everything organized and in check with a key attention to details. She believes in that there is always something about ourselves we can improve. The human potential is limitless, so one should always work on to keep upgrading himself.

She has over 8 years of experience working in digital marketing and have hands on knowledge of some of the widely used media buying platforms in programmatic, search and social domains like CM360/DV360, Facebook ad manager, Taboola, etc.

“You should love what you do” is her favorite chant which helps her to stay productive, positive and motivated always.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Nimesh Chaturvedi


Nimesh Chaturvedi is a data analytics manager at Pivotus with over 7 years of experience in digital analytics. He has worked across various verticals like real-estate, BFSI, e-commerce, CPG, and Telco.

In his 7 years of experience, he worked across EMEA and APAC markets. He spends most of his time within digital analytics, data engineering, and helping the media team toward a data-driven approach.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Nicole Hofmeier


During her 18-year career with Pivotus working across account management, programmatic trading, operations management and data wrangling Nicole has acquired a unique skillset.

 The combination of her broad experience and fastidious nature perfectly position her to drive Pivotus’ development of campaign and business intelligence dashboards, delivering meaningful insights to clients and the broader team.

 A passionate believer in service excellence, Nicole is continually working on the evolution of data architecture and visualisation practices at Pivotus, ensuring all stakeholders have access to the right data at the right time to drive meaningful business results.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Mithil Gajbhiye


Mithil is a Data-driven marketer with business knowledge and with 2 years of experience, updated with the latest developments in the digital marketing landscape. Skilled at designing and implementing the marketing strategy utilizing key channels of acquisition like PPC, Display, Social, SEO, and Programmatic. Mithil strongly believes the data + story is the only way to make marketing work in today’s world. Mithil holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s in Business and Finance from Charles Darwin University.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Chantal Socias


Combining her love for platforms, campaign analysis and meeting objectives – Chantal wants to deliver results above client expectation. On most working days, she loves to work on different strategies to achieve campaign goals, measuring effectiveness of different optimizations, and works hand in hand with the accounts team to ensure client success.

offline and online media buying experts in Australia

Efril Sorongon


Entering the industry many years ago, Efril has always believed that being in the agency side, we are not just media implementers but media partners. There is great added value when we partner with our clients in helping them with their needs and going the extra mile. 

She uses her strength in project management to be a team player in assisting everyone internally to ensure that we have everything covered and client is satisfied not just with the results of their campaigns, but also with the servicing team. 

Adonis Nicolas


Don is a Purpose Driven Digital Designer. With years of experience in digital designs, he understands that the goal of every design isn’t just about creating aesthetically appealing content; it’s about solving problems and providing results for clients.  

Don sees Pivotus as his dream environment for sharing and developing his values and skills in order to bring Pivotus’ vision to life and provide clients with skyrocketing results and streamlined processes.

Alina Kulchol


With over 10 years of account management experience across strategic marketing, creative advertising and media planning & buying, Alina has vast knowledge and know-how in working together with clients and partners to drive better value and achieve the best possible results. She is truly passionate about delivering client service excellence and will go above and beyond to ensure smooth campaign coordination and growing success.

Rebekah Wymer


Rebekah has just over 10 years experience working in the media industry with a background in both online and offline channels across many different client categories. She brings to Pivotus a passion for exceptional client service, with a personable and seamless approach.

Rebekah has worked for large agencies including Group M, Dentsu Aegis Network and PHD. She also has experience working in a smaller full service brand/creative agency allowing a full understanding of the complete media/marketing ecosystem (from brand building, creative, media planning/buying through to website design and build).

Jose Mathew Jojo


Jo has over 6 years of experience working in the digital marketing industry with primary focus on programmatic advertising. He started his career as an SEO analyst and then moved into programmatic. He has worked on multiple DSPs handling campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola, Diageo, Honda, AB InBev and Ubisoft.

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